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Young Adult Life Skills

The foundation to a successful & independent adult life!

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Girl Scout Gold Award Project


I’m Dorothy, a Girl Scout, and this is my Gold Award project. 

This resource was developed with all of your best interests in mind: how to help you be successful in employment, in finance, in health, and at home.

~Made by young adults for young adults~

Thank you for using this resource for all of your adulting needs!

In order to know if we have been helpful to you, please fill out this 4 question survey after reviewing the site.

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The Four Adult Skills Sections

Our Purpose

With the help of family, friends, peers, and other experienced adults around me, I have compiled four sections of basic knowledge that are very important to being an independent and functioning part of our society. We did not create this to tell you how to live; The purpose of this resource is to be a starting off point, thus, we won't go into great detail on some subjects; We instead implore you to do research into your own circumstances and decisions. This is to help you know where to start as you begin your journey into adulthood and responsibility.

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Personal Finance

As an adult you will most likely have a job, income and expenses. This means you will need to establish and manage credit, create budgets, pay taxes and take care of those necessary expenses. This section will help you understand how to do this on your own.

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In this section, we will help you navigate health appointments, medications, health insurance and everything else one needs to know about today’s health system. This section will guide you though doing this on your own.


Home Life

Although the home is where the heart is, there are still things that make a house a home and which keep it as such. This section will be your basic guide to these skills.



Employment is necessary for a good quality of life if you were not lucky enough to be born with a trust fund in your name. Therefore, we must know how to obtain and keep gainful employment. This section will be your basic guide to all things jobs.

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