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Image by Crystal de Passillé-Chabot
Cleaning: List


Keeping your home environment sanitary is an important step in adulthood and maturity, it will keep you and your guests safe and healthy. If you schedule tasks/chores for cleaning each day then the cleaning won’t take as much time, pick up trash every time it appears, make your bed every morning, then vacuum/sweep on certain days of the week.

Cleaning your home includes:

  • Sweeping and dusting: Dust is bad for you and it's dirty, get it off of surfaces so you don't ingest it.

  • Vacuuming soft surfaces: You should do it for the same reason as sweeping and dusting but it will also extend the life of the carpet and couches.

  • Kitchen: Wipe down counter tops, the interior of the microwave and the interior of the refrigerator with bleach to kill bacteria. Clean dishes/glassware/silverware/pans/pots with soap and warm water or the dishwasher. Wipe down the stove after every use. 

  • Bathroom: Wipe down counters with bleach to kill bacteria. Toilets and Showers will have specific cleaners at the store like brushes, soaps, or sprays.

Items to keep on hand: Broom, dust pan, duster, dish detergent, laundry detergent, general cleaning solutions, dish cloth, sponge, dish towel, bleach, and a scrub brush.

Things to avoid

  • Clorox can stain clothes and burn skin.

  • DO NOT mix bleach and Windex, it creates a chloramine (mustard gas) and hydrazine, deadly chemical gasses.

  • Don't clean your stove top with the scratchy side of a sponge, it will cause scratch marks.

  • Dusting and counter top cleaning should be done before mopping and vacuuming to avoid knocking dust onto the newly cleaned floors. In other words, "Clean top to bottom".

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