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Job Benefits: Research

Employers provide health benefits

Benefits, if any, are subject to internal employer policies as well as insurance company rules. They are extremely variable between jobs, levels, companies, and regions.

Some examples of job benefits include:

  • 401k (or another retirement account): A retirement account holding deposited money with compound interest which is then accessible at a set age minimum. People should be advised to deposit at minimum the employer's contributed amount. 

  • Health insurance plans: Helps with the cost of treatment, medication, and hospitalization of someone sick or injured.

  • Life insurance plans: Designed to provide the lost financial resources to the family in the event of a death. 

  • Disability insurance plans: Provides protection from financial hardship should you become temporarily or permanently unable to work due to disability.  

  • These plans have cost to both the company and the employee. Each company splits those costs differently. If your specific job is eligible for benefits then the choices given to you for the benefits will be outlined by the Human Resources employee. 

Things to consider:  

  • (Before accepting a job offer) If the job itself will provide adequate benefits for your needs and the needs of your family.

  • Types of health insurance you want, many companies offer several different plans.​ ​​​

  • The cost of each type of insurance.

  • If your spouse has insurance benefits you may want to be on their insurance and ask your company for no deductions from your pay.

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