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Jobs are important for a personal sense of purpose. It can provide goals to work toward each day by helping you build skills and experience that will last throughout your entire professional life. Having a job can also help you feel more connected to society by working with others, learning new skills, and helping you become financially stable.

Job Interview

Job Search

Identify your motivations for getting a job: 

  • explore your interests

  • extra money

  • experience

  • advancement in your current career path

  • give back to the community

  • help others

Job Search Recommendations:

  • Look for employment where you usually shop or socialize

  • Ask your friends or neighbors for recommendations

  • Organization websites have employment information, look for links that state "join us" or "career"

Here are a few helpful job search sites:

Employment: Research
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Resumes and Applications

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Job Benefits

W-4 Tax Witholding

Employment: Research
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